Keep your web site online
on the busiest days too.

Many web sites crash when there are more visitors than normal. A traffic spike is a valuable opportunity which you should not waste because the service provider couldn't keep up.

Do you know how many real visitors your site can handle at best? We use to ensure that your site performs as promised. Maybe you should verify that your current provider delivers what you are paying for?

Traditional web hosting providers offer fixed capacity at a fixed price. The downside is that your either accept your web site not being able to serve its visitors on busy days, or you unnecessarily pay for dedicated capacity also when you don't need it. enables the best of both worlds with a fixed price based on the number of concurrent visitors you want to be able to serve.

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Case Examples

Scalable service for various kinds of applications.


Installing a Wordpress plugin from WP-Admin requires write access to the disk. With our fast shared storage, Wordpress can be scaled horizontally and served from multiple servers without losing any abilities to manage the Wordpress installation.


Site management is dependent on the Drush tool which requires shell access. With our SSH Gateway, all site resources can be accessed with ssh as if everything was running on a Virtual Machine.

Custom Backend

Application can use a managed Docker image built by us or you may build an image of your own. Your application can still be accessed and managed with SSH, without installing any tooling or ssh-related software in your application image.

Use Kubernetes like any
traditional Virtual Machine
- without the traditional limits

Kubernetes is the winning technology for container orchestration. But using Kubernetes introduces new constraints such as not being able to write to the disk, setting up new tooling and learning new workflows. is a true Lift and Shift platform which enables migration of existing applications and Virtual Machine -styled deployments to Kubernetes without refactoring the application. currently provides the service from Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, which is transparent to the end user. Service is either provided using a shared environment (less overhead and more efficient cost-structure for a single customer) or a dedicated cluster (complete control but more overhead from service costs for a single customer).

We provide common runtimes for various applications which enables Easy Deployments by just dropping in your application's files - for example with scp, rsync or Capistrano. Alternatively, it is also possible to build a Docker image of your own.

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We'd love to show you our solution and discuss how to get your app scaled up.